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About AvantChic Hosiery

Introducing AvantChic, a new line of imported Italian leg wear that is classy, sexy, innovative, and extremely stylish from Code & West International.

AvantChic – Smart Luxury Legwear

The AvantChic brand was created for today’s cosmopolitan, jet-set woman who is going places and wants to reward herself with sensible touches of genuine luxury in her everyday life. Her appearance is very important to her and she looks for those things that will enhance her natural attributes and give her that million dollar feeling. She wants to stand out in the crowd, be admired and imitated for her sense of leading edge style. Her appreciation for uncompromised quality does not depend on the price of merchandize as the sole indicator of what is best. She can independently recognize quality of materials, originality of design and craftsmanship and that empowers her to make confident, smart purchase decisions.

A major trend for years in Europe, the celebration of women’s legs through fashion leg wear has been recently finding its way in the American fashion culture as well. However, high fashion hosiery has been just out of reach for many women; that’s where AvantChic comes in. Their philosophy is that you don’t have to be wealthy to have a leg up in fashion.

“In my line of work, I regularly travel to Europe.  Every time I’d go, I would stock up on fashion tights because they are more sensibly priced there” said Emilia Valentina Delena, President of Code & West International. “When I’d get back, I would wear my tights out and would get showered with compliments everywhere I’d go, but when asked where they could be purchased I had to tell my disappointed friends that they had only two choices: they could go to Europe and get them or they could find similar ones here in the US at very high prices. Realizing that there is a pent up demand for fashion leg wear in the US, at a sensible price, I concluded that someone ought to do something about it. And then I thought; why not me!?”  That’s how AvantChic.com was born.

Avant Chic carries hosiery that is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy. All styles have textures or patterns and are available in sophisticated, trendy colors. Every style is special, unique, and of high quality.

About Code & West International, LLC:

Code & West International, LLC was founded by four Italian entrepreneurs involved in international business. Based in both in the US (Michigan) and Italy, they bring their fashion, product design, marketing, import, and finance skills to the mission of offering luxurious, forward fashion products at reasonable prices.



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