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Chapter II: The Medieval Castle

medieval castle castelvecchioMy daughter and I are currently living in an 1100 year-old medieval castle overlooking the city of Turin in the hills in a medieval town called Moncalieri. I had lived here as a child with my family. I had always hoped for the opportunity to return someday and give my daughter the same magical experience that I had growing up.
The beauty of this place is rare and tugs hard at the heartstrings making it unforgettable and difficult to find such a place anywhere else in the world.  The surrounding landscape only adds to the fairytale-like atmosphere. There’s the backdrop of the Alps that leaves you breathless when looking out into the distance as you stand on the terrace high above the city below. Ancient walls filled with vines, flowers, and such are one of the qualities I like the most.  Looking at the castle as I walk up to it reminds me why I missed it so much for all of those years I was away.
Having said all of that, it was a very rough start here, not to be envied by anyone. Essentially, Murphy’s Law came fully into play on this one.  From the Internet not working for nearly 5 weeks (which in my line of work is about the worst thing that can happen), to no phone line, no cell phone reception, and a crazy car that doesn’t seem to like cold weather, or rain, or the nighttime (and by that I mean that the battery becomes fully drained overnight for some reason that the mechanic can’t seem to identify).  Add to that a strange 3-week streak of uncharacteristically cold weather here (it was like a Michigan winter!!!) and it almost did me in! Every friend or resource was oddly unavailable at a time I needed help the most.. Alone with my daughter I often found myself contemplating the meaning of life.  But just like with any move, it takes time to adjust. And that’s what we’re doing. With every new acquaintance, friend, or resource, everything is slowly falling into place.
My daughter found her groove before I was able to find mine. However, every day becomes more enjoyable and more relaxing as the weather has readjusted and is turning into spring. Two Sundays ago, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and what she calls her adventure bag, which consists of a water bottle, her cell phone, and who knows what else, she came to me and said, “Mom, I’m going outside to have some adventures.”  The only thing that was missing in the moment was my darn camera!!
On another note, work has been intense…which is good!  I’m currently working on designing 2 collections with deadlines coming up very shortly. One line is called Yacht Club De Monaco Collection and is for the director of Versace Collection. The other is called Enrico Cerini and is for both the Turkish and Russian markets.  I’ve been working hip to hip with the merchandiser of both collections which, besides the countless hours of work, has also been at times extremely enjoyable.  My hard work is often rewarded in the middle of the day with a nice break: leisurely lunches served with artisan breads, hearty lettuce purchased at the outdoor market, wine, and interesting conversation. The merchandiser lives in Superga, a mere 25 minute drive through the hills which are rich with winding roads, beautiful landscapes and mouth watering villas.
Still, on evenings such as this one (a Saturday night) when the rest of the world is out having fun, I’m still sitting here catching up on things I didn’t get to during the week. It’s silent…. maybe a little too much. Although pajama parties with my 9-year-old are a blast, they end by 9:30.  Getting dolled up for a night on the town sounds very palatable right now.  I realize that it takes time to get to that, but I guess you could say that I’m ready for some adventures too.
The courtyard.
medieval castle castelvecchio
Yes, the castle has a church. Next time, I’ll take pictures of the inside..
medieval castle castelvecchio
View from my bedroom window.
medieval castle castelvecchio
Door on my terrace.
medieval castle castlevecchio
My living room window from the outside…
medieval castle castelvecchio
My living room window from the inside.
medieval castle castelvecchio
Living room wall detail.
medieval castle castelvecchio

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