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Milano Wed. December 14th
A lovely day indeed! The best moments in life always happen unexpectedly. I had assumed that I would be living a typical day of ambitious work behind my laptop, but it turned out to be anything but that.
At around 10:30 a.m. a gracious acquaintance of mine, Paolo DeGregori, called me to inform me that he and my friend Lori Venturi would be coming into Milan from Novara. Being the owner of the typography studio, OmniServer, Paolo explained to me that he had some business to attend to with his client, Versace, and asked if I would join him and Lori for lunch. Of course, I accepted… that’s part of the beauty of not working in a traditional work environment, you can take a nice break any time you want.. and what a nice break it was! I found myself having lunch in a beautiful hotel in downtown Milan, right off Via Montenapoleone. 
During my lunch I once again began to think about what else I needed to accomplish before the day’s end. Just as I thought I would leave the hotel and soon again be back in full work mode, Paolo and Lori invited me to attend a Mila Schon event with them that evening.
Mothers know that just accepting an appointment isn’t always that easy. Since I was unable to find a babysitter to watch my daughter, Elena, I decided that it was about time that she, too, became acquainted with the people and places I get to enjoy…  And that she did! The Mila Schon event turned out to be interesting. Paolo’s friend, Daniele Basso, had designed 100% recyclable laser cut Ni/Cr stainless steel mirrors in the shape of historical Mila Schon silhouettes for Glocal Design. They were beautifully executed, some embellished with Swarovski Elements, some without. I kept thinking how one would look on my vanity…. 
It was running into my girlfriend Betti, who had attended the Istituto Europeo Di Design with me that really kicked the evening up a notch. The girl is a modern day socialite, she knows everyone in Milan! She introduced Elena and me to Artist Marco Veronese and fashion and political blogger Une Demoiselle Errantetwo of her friends that had accompanied her to the event. Within minutes, our evening had gone from nice to a total blast! Easy going,  insightful and light-hearted are personality traits that go well together, which is something Marco, Betti and Silvia all have in common.
After leaving the Mila Schon event, Betty and her friend were invited to another friend’s home, Liborio Capizzi, the designer. Of course, Elena and I graciously tagged along (how could we not?).
I have met many designers and gone to many design houses in my life, many of them famous, but never in my life have I witnessed the work of a true couture artist. His beautiful apartment off of Corso Brera has a small showroom showcasing the best of his work. I was mixed with emotions of awe and inspiration. Tops made out of gloves, shirts and pants made out of priest jackets. It was nothing short of impressive.
Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but it takes a lot to reach those levels of creativity and have enough taste and design sense to execute essentially what are works of art.
The evening ended with a quaint dinner, sweet conversation and a taxi ride home. However, when I look back on the day, I think that the best part was standing in the elevator on the way up to our apartment and looking at Elena’s sweet little face that was plastered with a great big smile.  

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