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zoe gold earringsThe spring weather has enhanced the beauty of the Moncalieri’s countryside.  Cherry blossoms, rosebushes, and chirping birds has us feeling satisfied with our new home. Living in an environment so rich with lush greenery, rolling landscapes, old buildings, and simple ways is very fulfilling.
In the hills, there are very tight roads that were made hundreds of years ago that were meant to accommodate carriages only, but they are now used as two-way streets. These roads are so small that when a car meets another going in the opposite direction, one of the two drivers has to back up until they can find a spot large enough to allow the other to pass. Essentially, it’s a one-lane, two-way road. It probably sounds rather inconvenient, but you get used to it and it doesn’t happen that often.
Elena and I enjoy walks down those roads from time to time enjoying the scenery that is constantly changing  with the season. I think it would take a lifetime to find all of the turns one could possibly take since the roads are numerous. Some of them are so small and secret that I was surprised to find out that they’ve all been named. Even so, my GPS denies their existence.
On one of these roads is my friend Nicoletta’s house.  Finding it the first, second and third time was tragic. In any case, I did finally learn the way and I’m now sitting in her house baby-sitting her 5 children. Such a large family in Italy is extremely rare. Large as it may be, they have a rather large home to accommodate them all.  Nicoletta and her husband are two architects that resurrected an old nobleman’s farm from the 1600’s.  It is stunning, but the best part is the horse stables surrounding the property.  Today, while Elena was taking her horseback-riding lesson, and again I went into the stables to see the horses; twenty in all, one more majestic than the next. Before I left the stable I found myself unable to resist the horseback riding list sign up sheet. I start next Friday.
Speaking of horse stables, last week Elena and I went to visit my family that lives in Bologna. We celebrated my grandfather’s 87th birthday in a restaurant set on a horse ranch. That was, of course, very special.
Bologna is known for its delicious and rich food. Their menu is famous for being always abundant. But this time we ate a little less than usual as, before the meal started, we had a taste of prosciutto, cheeses, and such followed by: ricotta stuffed ravioli with cream and sage sauce, then fresh egg tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, then oven roasted rabbit with roasted potatoes, then pork roast with grilled vegetables, then dessert, then coffee, then grappa…. I wasn’t joking when I said that it was less than usual because usually it is more.  I spent one memorable Christmas in Bologna where they had served about 30 dishes for lunch. The effect of the meal was even more memorable than the food itself. I think that it was about 3 days later when I actually looked at food with desire again.  This would explain why Italians are so hung up on the whole digestion process.
After the birthday lunch, my digestion process took place on Via Dell’ Indipendenza- the main shopping street of Bologna. There, I went to one of my favorite accessory boutiques called Antonio Serio where I found an electric blue handbag that had me at “hello.” Reasonable price, great quality… I snatched it up quicker than I could even think about it! I left the store pairing it with a sheer cotton scarf and a necklace. I realize that I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the handbag because I look at it every morning and smile at it..
My Missoni short-sleeve leather, double breasted, 60’s style spring coat feeds well my new found obsession for electric blue, but it doesn’t satisfy it. The thing is, I  find myself looking for it every store window that I pass by and on every image I look at online…
So here’s my blue wish list:
blue clutch
eddie borgo prada pucci akris

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