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Julia Grey Cover-up by Anatomie

The JULIA is a comely, ultra-soft and super light-weight designer cover-up that is certain to complement whatever you may be wearing as your main sartorial ensemble. This marvelous mesh bell-sleeve top is another of Anatomie’s top-of-the-line clothing creations born to be worn by discriminating clothing connosieurs like you. Anatomie’s fine garments are made with an innovative system of versatile, high performance fibers used to create designer clothing that is lightweight, protective and resistant. Engineered for quick-drying and exceptional comfort during routine days on the go or rigorous athletic activity.

Fit Style: FITTED


FITTED Also known as the “sexy fit.” This is the most revealing of our fits. This is for the girl who’s got it and wants to flaunt it!

ATHLETIC Lays nicely on the body, accenting only what you want to highlight. For the girl serious about getting in shape, but doesn’t necessarily want everyone to see everything.

COMFORT Lounge around with these relaxed fitting garments. Being comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous!

In order to properly care for and maintain the quality of your Anatomie garment please: Wash separately in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Do not iron or tumble try. If you do all of that, your Anatomie will love you right back!