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Mum Tulle Maternity Panties with Support Band for 2nd & 3rd Trimesters

Mum Tulle mesh maternity panties with a support band is recommended for both the 2nd and the 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. This product combines functionality, style, and sexiness. The support band is commonly found in european maternity undergarments, which serves as to prevent stretch marks, gives support to the organs (which prevents prolapsing) and provides relief to the body.

The sheerness and sleek feel of the fabric embraces the sensuality of the female form during this special phase.


 Fabric content: 92% PA, 8% EA Lycra

II- Small

Waist: 65-70Cm/ 25.5-27.5”

Hips: 92-97cm/ 36-38”

III- Medium 

Waist: 70-75cm/ 27.5-29.5”

Hips: 97-102cm/ 38-40”


Waist: 75-80cm/29.5-31.5”

Hips: 102-107cm/ 40-42”


Waist: 80-85cm/ 31.5-33.5”

Hips: 107-112cm/42-44”


Waist: 85-90cm/ 33.5-35.5”

Hips: 112-117cm/ 44-46”


Hand wash or with like colors in a delicate cycle.