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Susan Skinny Pants

If you aren’t already desperately seeking Anatomie’s Susan Skinny Pants, you should be! This low-rise skinny pant has it all (just like you do ;-) )!  Its zipper details, slimming lines, and modern fit scream, “STYLE!” Responsbile for setting the tone for modern designer activewear, the skinny Susan pant looks sexy, but is all business; whether you travel, excise, or dance this pant won’t slow you down!

Material: Stetch Poly Woven Fabric (it’s moisture wicking, doesn’t pill, UV protected, and is machine washable)


Fit Style: FITTED

Brand: Anatomie



FITTED Also known as the “sexy fit.” This is the most revealing of our fits. This is for the girl who’s got it and wants to flaunt it!

ATHLETIC Lays nicely on the body, accenting only what you want to highlight. For the girl serious about getting in shape, but doesn’t necessarily want everyone to see everything.

COMFORT Lounge around with these relaxed fitting garments. Being comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous!

In order to properly care for and maintain the quality of your Anatomie garment please: Wash separately in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Do not iron or tumble try. If you do all of that, your Anatomie will love you right back!