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Imola Tights

Two-tone Shiny Lycra and Micro-fiber Tights

A rich and silky style with a silvery luster! Imola tights are unusual and trendy, yet timeless and elegant. Their “royal” appearance will not only make you look luxurious, but feel like it too!

Weight: 70 Denier (4,7,8)

Colors: Silver Marcasite ONLY

Made of 92% Polyamide, 8% Spandex

Sizes: 1/2 (XS/S), 3/4 (M/L)- Please check the size chart before selecting your size

Brand: Calze BC


Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap, rinse and hang dry. DO NOT   TUMBLE DRY!  We wouldn’t want for you to get your pantyhose in a twist!